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USD 150.00

Our mobile app developers integrate advanced technologies in your mobile app to keep your mobile app ahead in the competition. Our?mobile app development?process includes not only the design and devel


USD 200.00

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USD 120.00

WeChat is an essential and outstanding marketing tool for business to enter the Chinese market. Setting up a WeChat official account allows brands to reach out a wide base of the target audience and r


USD 99.00

Easyapp social media team will help you create or enhance your social media marketing strategy and identify key objectives, target market, key messages, content type, information your audience likes t

Web Design

USD 120.00

We design flexible, adaptive and responsive websites with minimalistic, easy-to-use web design interfaces that stand out across all platforms. Retain users with an engaging website designed specifical


USD 200.00

Our professionals will assist you with the design and production of your project. We can create brochures, booklets, programs, fliers, posters and forms to meet your needs and specifications. A variet


USD 150.00

Cloud networking is related the concept of?cloud?computing, in which centralized computing resources are shared for customers or clients. In cloud networking, the?network?can be shared as well as the

Monitoring & Management

USD 120.00

We have experience in provisioning and designing systems to run in the cloud. We utilize our system management and monitoring tools to ensure the ongoing health of your cloud infrastructure.

Elastic Computing

USD 150.00

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USD 75.00

Create websites optimised for search engines, boost your social media presence with our digital marketing strategies, create leads and drive conversions

Office Automation

USD 56.00

Our aim is to gather and organize everything in a single platform to facilitate the delivery of the projects on time, to help optimize the existing procedures and to define an agile and competent work

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

USD 165.00

Our Penetration testing services combine both manual and automated techniques to ensure any organization?s sensitive data is properly protected and that compliance requirements are being met. We prese

UI/UX Design

USD 75.00

Taking a user-centric approach, all our mobile apps are developed with high functionality, thoughtful user experience and user interfaces with compelling visuals.


USD 120.00

Provides customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud, as opposed to being provided by a single server or virtual server. We deliver reliable cloud solutions that make digital transf

Application Services

USD 3,500.00

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to engage with your users, but these users expect instant performance. See how Easyapp can help overcome app delivery challenges to deliver engaging app experience


USD 165.00 USD 160.00

Our Software developers are experts can develop software in any modern programming language Using our repository of pre-built code, detailed specifications design method, and quick development process

AI & Big Data

USD 300.00 USD 220.00

Easyapp makes it possible to build, manage, monitor, and deploy AI applications leveraging cost active, scalable open source software. We offer a transformational product that uses Big Data technolog

Annual Maintenance Contract

USD 200.00

Secure your operations the smart way with our annual maintenance contracts program. Maintenance of your business operations is as important as initiating and planning for a business. While having a pl

Governance, Risk, & Compliance

USD 299.00

Our GRC service provides deep insight into enterprise wide risk and compliance activities. The aim with this model is to enable organisations to adapt to new regulatory challenges proactively while ma


USD 150.00

Our comprehensive range of IT consulting services for corporates helps our clients to effectively create, manage, optimize and scale up their businesses in today?s challenging marketplace. Our end-to-